Clean On Me

28 May

Unfortunately my skincare routine often causes me much unneeded stress. With so many questions like what skin type are you? What product is the best? How much are you willing to spend? I found it very difficult to even know where to begin.

There are so many options out there, believe me I’ve tried more than a few!

After a long search I have finally found the product for me…


Yes To products are as natural as you can get in my opinion using wonderful combinations of carrots, cucumbers and grapefruit. They have a few different ranges to suit your needs which you can look at on their website. I chose Yes To Blueberries as it targets fine lines and wrinkles (if you saw my forehead then you’d understand).

Their daily cleanser is smooth like a lotion and makes my skin feel extremely soft. I can’t wait to try the others!

Have a go and let me know what you think…



23 Jan


Well where do I begin?

If you haven’t heard of Serial, then let me tell you a little bit about it. Serial is a weekly podcast which is brought to you by Sarah Koenig.

Season one, which started late last year follows an already convicted murder case in Maryland, America almost 15 years ago.

The victim, Hae Min Lee’s body was found 6 weeks after she disappeared after school one day in a local park. Her ex boyfriend, Adnan Syed was arrested for the crime, convicted and sentenced to spend the rest of his life in prison. He says he’s innocent so as the listener you need to work out if you believe him or not!

I will warn you that this podcast will take over your life while you work through the 12 episodes. You can find them here.

One more question, do you think Adnan is guilty or innocent? Please share your comments as I’d love to know what you think!

January Blues

18 Jan

Well we are over half way through January which means we’re almost there…yes we’ve almost beaten the January blues!

This year seems to have hit me harder than usual but don’t worry because I am going to share a few ideas with you on how to make it through this dreary month.



So you’ve consumed a little too much over the festive period, didn’t we all!
In the first week of January, my boyfriend and I took the 3 Day Detox Challenge set by Jason Vale.
I had never done anything like it before so I  thought it was maybe time to try the challenge. It sounded so simple but believe me it was extremely difficult. You can download the app and find out more information about it here.
The app was great as it gives you all the ingredients, recipes and encouragement you need to get you through.
I have two tips after taking part…
1. Watch the videos! Jason’s energy is contagious and trust me after day 2 you’ll need it.
2. Take a trip to Aldi! The shopping list is long and therefore can cost a lot. Aldi has a brilliant selection of fruit and veg for low cost prices.

Working in retail, I know the true meaning of the word ‘sale’. Not only is January a time to grab a bargain piece of furniture or that coat you’ve been pining over all winter but restaurants are jumping on the band wagon too. A lot of restaurants will have vouchers and offers on to get you out and about this month. If you’re not detoxing or feel like a treat then shop around to see what your local eateries have to offer. How could you say no?

One of my new years resolutions is to read more. My first read of the year is Pretty Honest by Sali Hughes, a Christmas present from one of my very good friends. If you’re into beauty then this is the book for you! She tackles every aspect of beauty from skin types to resisting the temptation to buy what you don’t need.

If the gym isn’t for you then why not splash out on a fitness DVD instead? It’s loads cheaper and if you only do it a couple of times there isn’t that dreaded direct debit showing up on your bank statement every month. I’ve gone for Charlotte Crosby’s 3 Minute Belly Blitz. There are 12 work outs which are only 3 minutes long! I like it because with the short times there’s always room for one more!

What do you do to beat the January blues?

Food Glorious Food

23 Sep

This weekend just passed saw the annual set up of Liverpool’s Food and Drink Festival in Sefton Park.

This festival is one of the highlights of my year as it showcases the biggest and best restaurants and bars in Merseyside.

Unfortunately I was unable to attend this year due to work commitments so instead I’m going to give you a selection of my favourite eateries in this wonderful city.

Alma de Cuba

This beautiful converted church which has even been graced by Mother Theresa’s presence, has a plethora of character which is evident as soon as you walk through the door. It serves great food, excellent cocktails and shows off samba dancers on the weekends which will encourage anyone to take up zumba! If all of this isn’t enough, why not listen to the gospel choir sing while you enjoy a choice of Sunday roasts?


This award winning eatery sources local ingredients and produce and cooks everything on site. The menu changes regularly depending on what’s in season. I was lucky enough to be taken here for my birthday this year and after 25 years on this earth it is by far one of the best meals I have ever had. The flavours of the food and the atmosphere inside compliment each other so well that you’ll never want to leave. Is it my birthday again yet?

Bistro Jacques

Bistro Jacques is a little French (if you hadn’t already guessed) place in the heart of the Georgian quarter. It was one of the first places I went to after moving here for university. It is the definition of cheap and cheerful with lots of offers like their Lunch Rapide, early bird menu and student evenings. They must be doing something right as they have two more locations in the city centre too! Bon apetit…

Do you have a favourite place to eat in Liverpool? Please do share!

Blogs I Love

22 Sep


Are you the creative type? 

Do you like to make or customise things yourself? Well have I got a treat for you!

A Pair and A Spare will show you how to make something plain into a work of art. The founder, Geneva Vanderveil is so talented that she has inspired me to look into a little DIY myself.

Christmas is getting close so I better start now eh!

Blogs I Love

15 Aug

Did anyone ever watch The Secret Diary of a Call Girl?
Well do you remember Bambi?
Take a look at her now!

Ashley Madekwe has a wonderful blog called Ring My Bell with fashion posts about her amazing wardrobe, which I am so envious of in case you hadn’t already figured it out.

She’s such a natural beauty and makes simple clothes look stunning. It’s almost effortless!

I’m sure her tag line “more shoes than sense” means she’s willing to share. If you’re a size 3 love then send them my way!

Hats Entertainment

11 Aug

Hats are wonderful aren’t they? If not for their fashionable qualities, but if you’re anything like me and suffer from frequent bad hair days they’re always there to help you out.

After perusing online over the past few days I’ve found a few gems I’d like to share with you…

Fedora at £28 from River Island


Trilby at £40 from French Connection


Beanie at £4.99 from Missguided


Bobble at £10 from ASOS