The Highlands

23 Oct

The weekend before last my boyfriend and I went to Scotland for a few days to visit some of his family and mine.

As it was my first time north of the border I was very excited to see what Scotland, and Edinburgh in particular had to offer. It turns out the answer to that question was a lot!

Now when I go away I like to act like a true tourist. Most of this includes taking pictures of almost every thing I see. Here are a select view from my trip…

Edinburgh Castle




William Wallace


As well as acting the tourist, I acted the fatty!
My boyfriend warned me of his love for ‘chippy sauce’ and much to his disappointment, I hated it. This famous condiment turned out to be a mixture of vinegar and brown sauce…two things I wouldn’t thank you for. Ah well when in Rome…

Good thing was the chippy sauce was the only thing to disappoint! We visited both The Outsider and Chez Jules which provided great food and great service!

I just can’t wait to go back again!

Tell me what you like to do in Edinburgh…


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