Christmas Glossybox

10 Jan

As if I didn’t get enough presents around Christmas this little gem arrived just before I went home for a few days.

The one thing I love about Glossybox is that the wrapping and boxes change to represent what is going on that month and this box just screams Christmas.


So this month I got…

Beautiful Moments Lipgloss in nude available here for £12

This lipgloss is advertised as non-sticky and as far as lipgloss goes I suppose it’s not the worst consistency but it’s still quite sticky to me! I might be being a little bit biased here as I don’t usually wear any product on my lips but it feels heavy on my lips and it’s very clear that I’m wearing something.

Wilkinson Sword Intuition Naturals Razor available here for £6.49

I love this razor! It’s sturdy yet lightweight and tough yet feminine! You don’t need to use any shaving foam or cream as it lathers and moisturises using the water from your shower or bath.

Maybelline Brow Drama Sculpting Mascara available here for £4.99

In my daily makeup routine I tend to spend time on my eyebrows so you can imagine my excitement to see such a new product in my box this month. After trying this product I thought it was pretty good for tinting but not so good for shaping. If you have thick eyebrows this is the product for you, if like me you have quite thin ones then stick with a pencil.

Seche Nail Lacquer available here for £9.95

After seeing the price of this nail polish I can see why they charge so much per bottle. After one coat of this lacquer it looked flawless and lasted for days! Glossybox if you’re reading this, I’ll have lots more of these please.

Rituals Miracle Balm available here for £10

Smells beautiful, lovely packaging but I don’t like hand creams to be greasy and this one is definitely greasy.


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