Inspector Gadget

13 Jan

Being as interested in cooking and baking as I am, it means I am always on the lookout for kitchen utensils that can make my life a little bit easier.

On Listotic, my favourite new blog, they did a post on kitchen gadgets that you didn’t know existed. This might make me sound like a nerd but I got so excited about so many things that I won’t be short on ideas for birthday presents when February comes around.

Here are some of my favourites from the post…

Pasta Measurer


This is fabulous! I never know how much spaghetti to cook but with this contraption I’ll never have that problem again.

Cereal Bowl


One of my pet hates is soggy cereal. It might be one of the reasons I don’t eat very much of it, but with this very clever bowl you’ll never have soggy cereal again!

Mixture Dispenser


If you bake then you know how difficult and messy it is to spoon the mixture into bun cases and make sure that they’re all the same size. With this dispenser you’ll never have that problem again! Just think you can use this for pancakes as well.

Tiered Baking Tray


In my house I have a pretty small oven. When doing a lot of baking or even cooking a roast is somewhat of a challenge because there isn’t enough room in the oven. This little tiered beauty means that you can fit in much more than before.

Most of these items are available on Amazon and all of the pictures have been taken from Listotic.

Do you have any kitchen gadgets you can’t live without?


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