How’s Yer Burger?

9 Apr

First thing’s first, I owe you all an apology for not posting anything in a while but since my foot is on the mend it’s back to the day job unfortunately.

Anyway… On this post I am going to talk to you about my favourite burger places.

The Burger Bar in Aix en Provence

This place is situated on a beautiful little square with other great bars and eateries, but this one was by far my favourite. In fact I’m pretty sure these burgers helped me and my friends through my six months in France. These burgers have a choice of toppings and flavours but without all these bells and whistles the burger is still served wonderfully, however you like it cooked.

The Shipping Forecast in Liverpool

Today was my first food related visit to The Shipping Forecast and it was great. They have a long list of both beef and chicken burgers which will satisfy your hunger.
I opted for the beef with coriander coleslaw and hot sauce. Served with great chips and a garlic dip I will definitely be back!

Grillen Nørrebro in Copenhagen

When I was in Copenhagen at the end of last month one of the highlights was our last supper at Grillen. You pick your burger, your chips and your drink for a set price and quite a cheap price I might add!
The queue was one of the longest for a restaurant I’ve ever seen so I knew it was a good sign. My favourite part? The chilli fries.

Where do you go for a burger?


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