Home Sweet Home

12 Jun

I am currently sat on a very busy train in 20 degree weather after being on a course with work. Did I mention that the train I am on is the 5th one today, and none of it was my fault…

Anyhow I am seeing this as a blessing in disguise as I get to blog to you lot about my new house!

So people say along with marriage, divorce and death, moving is one of the most stressful things you can do in life. I would love to say that it gets easier the more times you so it but I’m on my 10th go and it’s still as annoying as the first. 

However I have been there for a few weeks now, all my ikea furniture is built and all my pictures are up on the wall so I am settled.

If you are moving then please click here for lots of tips and tricks on how to make it that little bit easier for yourselves.

If you have any top tips then please do share with me on the comments


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